What Are the Basic Functions of ATMP Na5 Scale Inhibitor?

ATMP Na5 scale inhibitor is our company’s main product. Products are sold well in various countries and cities around the world. We are also constantly improving and pursuing the development and innovation of more and better products. Strive to bring you a better ATMP Na5. So, do you know the basic functions of ATMP Na5 scale inhibitors?

Collateral and solubilization. The ATMP Na5 scale inhibitor is ionized after being dissolved in water. It produces a molecular chain with a negative charge. It forms a water-soluble complex or chelate with Ca2+. Thereby the solubility of the inorganic salt is increased. It acts as a scale inhibitor.

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Lattice distortion. A portion of the functional groups in the ATMP Na5 scale inhibitor molecule are on the inorganic salt nucleus or crystallite. It occupies a certain position. It hinders and destroys the normal growth of inorganic salt crystals. Slowing down the rate of crystal growth. Thereby reducing the formation of salt scale.

Electrostatic repulsion: The ATMP Na5 scale inhibitor is dissolved in water and adsorbed on the crystallites of inorganic salts. This increases the repulsive force between the particles and hinders their coalescence. They are placed in a good dispersion state to prevent or reduce the formation of scale.

We are mainly engaged in reverse osmosis scale inhibitors, especially in the manufacture of this product. The following is the dosing step of ATMP Na5 scale inhibitor. Let’s take a look.

The first time you add the medicine, you should first clear the medicine box. When cleaning, close the drain valve at the bottom of the dosing box. After the water is cleaned, open the drain valve to drain the water. After cleaning twice, start dosing.

Adjust the dosing stroke of the metering pump to turn the metering pump stroke adjustment knob counterclockwise to the corresponding scale.

The dispensing check closes the bottom drain valve of the dosing box, and the amount of PTP-0100 added is calculated according to the effective volume in the dosing box and the actual working output of the metering pump. Add the medicine from the inlet of the dosing box, open the inlet valve and dilute to the highest level mark, and close the filling valve.

Example: ATMP Na5 scale inhibitor feed water flow rate 160m3/ h, metering pump flow rate is 22 L / h, the metering pump stroke is adjusted to 40%, the actual output is 22 L / h × 40% = 8.8 L / h, dosing The effective volume of the box is 600 liters. The volume of PTP-0100 concentrate should be added to the dosing box; turn on the mixing box and stir the motor, stir the ATMP Na5 scale inhibitor evenly, and stop the motor.

Open the metering pump inlet and outlet valves, open the metering pump switch, and add the reagent to the safety filter. After the RO is shut down, the metering pump is turned off.

Regularly inspect the dosing system for leaks and promptly resolve the leak. Check whether the dosing amount of the metering pump is accurate. The drop in the level of the dosing tank is consistent with the calculated amount of the metering pump. If it is inconsistent, calculate and adjust in time.

Monthly record check cycle total water intake and dosing match.

The above is the dosing step for the ATMP Na5 scale inhibitor. Your needs are our ultimate goal and pursuit. Sincerely thank you for reading, I hope you will get some benefits.

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