Polymaleic Anhydride Products Features

Polymaleic anhydride is mainly used to control the scale caused by the precipitation of calcium carbonate, sulfate, phosphate, silicon and iron oxide in the membrane separation system, and also has good dispersing properties for biological slime and solid small particles.

water treatment industry
Water Treatment

The use of this polymaleic anhydride in place of the pretreated softener can reduce the equipment investment in reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF) systems, and can extend the system cleaning cycle and extend the life of the membrane to save operating costs. Therefore, the polymaleic anhydride is used by more and more water treatment systems. What are the product characteristics of polymaleic anhydride?

  • (1) can be used in combination with an organic flocculant.
  • (2) can be used to produce drinking water.
  • (3) Effectively controlling the scaling of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate and barium sulfate, and the L.S.I value is up to 3.0 without causing scaling.
  • (4) All major reverse osmosis membranes can be used.
  • (5) maintaining a clean reverse osmosis membrane surface by dispersing the blocking particles.
  • (6) The influent pH is valid in the range of 5~9.
  • (7) can be directly added without dilution, or diluted and added.
  • (8) Good resistance to aluminum and iron oxides.

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The important role of polymaleic anhydride in boiler water treatment.

The use of polymaleic acid in boilers can increase boiler water concentration multiples, reduce boiler blowdown and also save a lot of steam. The use of boiler polymaleic acid can reduce the energy consumption of the plant, ultimately achieving energy savings and reducing equipment operating costs.

  • The use of polymaleic acid in boilers reduces dissolved oxygen in water. Prevent corrosion of water supply systems, steam and condensate systems.
  • The use of polymaleic acid in the boiler can peel off and disperse the original scale layer on the surface of the furnace tube, and inhibit the scale formation; to reduce the formation of deposits to improve the heat exchange effect and the temperature of the superheated steam. The increase in steam generation and steam generation will ultimately increase economic efficiency.
  • The use of polymaleic acid in the boiler can not only effectively improve the quality of superheated steam, but also significantly reduce the content of Na ions and SiO2 in the steam. The boiler polymaleic acid effectively eliminates the entrainment of impurities in the pot water and seriously affects the steam quality and increases the boiler water concentration multiple.

Boiler Polymaleic Anhydride

  • It can effectively control the scaling of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and magnesium oxide in the boiler and affect the heating effect of the boiler.
  • more use of non-phosphorus formula, the corresponding environmental protection policy, so that the boiler operation process is safe and pollution-free.
  • It can effectively regulate the water quality including sorghum, high magnesium, high sulfate and high silicon;
  • The scale inhibition effect is not affected by the trivalent Fe in the water.
  • can improve the recovery rate of equipment system operation.

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