2018 Boiler Water Treatment Method

Poor boiler water treatment will cause fouling on the heating surface, greatly reducing the heat transfer efficiency of the boiler, and overheating the metal on the heated surface, causing dangerous accidents such as bulging and bursting. Therefore, boiler water treatment is one of the important factors affecting the safety and economic operation of boiler boilers. In addition, poor boiler water treatment can also cause metal corrosion and reduce boiler life. Therefore, doing boiler water treatment work is extremely important for the safe operation of boilers.



After the water is boiled and evaporated in the boiler, the chemical reaction and concentration conditions of the impurities in the water are provided. When these impurities reach saturation in the boiler, water, solid matter is produced. The solid matter produced, if suspended in the boiler, water, is called slag; if it is attached to the heated surface, it is called scale.
The boiler is also a heat exchange device, and the formation of scale will greatly affect the heat transfer of the boiler. However, the thermal conductivity of scale is only a tenth to a few hundredths of that of steel. Therefore, boiler fouling will cause serious damage to boiler operation.

Waste Fuel

After the boiler is fouled, the heat transfer performance of the heated surface is deteriorated, and the heat released by the fuel combustion cannot be transferred to the boiler, water in time, and a large amount of heat is taken away by the flue gas, causing the exhaust gas temperature to be too high, and if the smoke exhaustion is increased, The boiler thermal efficiency is reduced.
In order to maintain the boiler’s rated parameters, the company must add more fuel, thus wasting fuel. According to statistics, about 1 mm of scale is wasted a waste of fuel.

Damaged By the Heated Surface

In a scaled boiler, the heat of combustion of the fuel cannot be quickly transferred to the boiler, water due to poor heat transfer performance, resulting in an increase in the temperature of the furnace and the flue gas.
Therefore, the temperature difference on both sides of the heated surface increases, the temperature of the metal bismuth rises, and the strength decreases. Under the pressure of the boiler,, bulging and even blasting occur, posing a threat to the personal safety of employees and the property safety of the enterprise.

Reduce Boiler Output

After the boiler is fouled, the heat transfer performance deteriorates. Enterprises need to consume more fuel if they want to reach the rated evaporation. However, the volume of the furnace is constant, and as the thickness of the scale increases, fuel consumption is limited. Therefore, the boiler output will be reduced.

Boiler Water Treatment Method

The water treatment chemical of the boiler plays an important role in the normal operation of the boiler. In view of the problems existing in the water treatment process of the boiler proposed above, the following is a brief discussion of the countermeasures for boiler water treatment.

Take Reasonable Water Treatment Methods

It has been suggested that there are some unreasonable places in the process of boiler water treatment, which needs to be readjusted in the future processing. It is strictly forbidden to apply the “three no” electronic anti-scaling instruments and anti-scaling agents in the process. For steel-shell boilers with small steam pressure and small evaporation, it is necessary to adopt external chemical treatment methods for water treatment. When deoxidizing equipment can be used for deaeration; for boilers with large steam pressure and large evaporation, in addition to the method of external chemical treatment, it is necessary to install deaerator equipment to timely treat impurities in the water and reduce the Corrosion of boilers; in the process of water treatment, it is also necessary to use advanced technology, such as sodium ion exchange treatment method, which can effectively remove elements such as calcium, magnesium, and iron in water, and reduce the scaling of boilers. occur. It is important to note that experimental work is required before adopting new technologies.

Enhance the Quality of Water Treatment Equipment

The quality of water treatment equipment also plays a significant role in the treatment process, so corresponding measures should be taken for low-quality equipment. For the case of resin iron poisoning, find out the cause of poisoning and take measures to recover the resin, or change the material of the boiler to prevent iron poisoning; when using the resin exchanger, use the outside of the boiler. Chemical treatment methods and enhance the quality of the equipment.

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